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When a government investigation becomes public, it’s not only investigators’ or regulators’ perceptions that matter.  Customers, business partners, investors, employees, and the public are watching, too.

How can legal counsel help minimize the risk that your client or organization loses trust and credibility, damages its relationships with important stakeholders, or inadvertently undermines its legal position?  How do you avoid common communications mistakes that can deepen a reputational crisis and lead to even more scrutiny and potential liability?  The key is close partnership between legal and communications teams.

Please join Jeff McAndrews and Eric M. Wachter, Esq., of the global strategic communications firm Finsbury as they discuss how attorneys and communications advisors can work together to give their clients the best shot at successfully weathering a government investigation and the public attention that can come with it.  They will:

  • Address the critical role of communications during a government investigation (15 minutes)
  • Outline key principles and considerations to guide communications when facing regulatory and enforcement scrutiny (10 minutes)
  • Suggest a best practices approach to communicating through the phases of an investigation, from pre-investigation planning through resolution (20 minutes)
  • Provide recommendations for when an investigation becomes adversarial or results in litigation (15 minutes)


Program Level:  Update 

Intended Audience:  Attorneys and accountants who deal with regulatory agencies, investigations and enforcement concerns who want to better understand the role of communications in managing reputational impact 

Prerequisites:  None 

Advanced Preparation:  None


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