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PLI's Patent Office Exam Course is still the best way to prepare to pass the test. In clear, concise, right-to-the-point language, this information-packed course leads you through the intricacies — and around the traps — of the Registration Exam. You'll get the hard facts, test-taking tips, sample questions and answers, and intense practice exams that mirror what you're going to face when you sit down to take the real thing.

PLI is the essential PTO Exam resource: It is simply the most user-friendly, up-to-date, comprehensive, in-depth, authoritative, interactive and Exam-focused course available today.

Program Features

  • Patware® — our unique, interactive, diagnostic software replicates what you'll experience when you take the Exam.You can highlight the text of questions and strike-through answer choices, just like on the real Exam. No other course has these features.
  • Fully updated materials, lectures and questions for the Patent Office materials now being tested. The America Invents Act is the focus of the course, from written materials to lectures to practice questions.
  • Online features: Compare your scores on practice questions with the thousands who have taken our course to determine if you are on track to pass the Exam.

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Because we are the Nation's #1 Exam Course geared to one thing and one thing only - ensuring you pass the PATENT OFFICE EXAM!

  • Chaired by the leading Exam authority and instructor-John White, PLI's Patent Office Exam Course offers you the most comprehensive and user-friendly course available.
  • All course materials are 100% Exam-Focused, and updated continually to all current USPTO rules tested on the Exam.
  • Our interactive testing software, Patware®, led the field in computer-based testing and closely tracks the computer-based Exam.
  • Our course is offered in MORE LIVE LOCATIONS than anyone else throughout the United States, and is available online for all purchasers.
  • Discounts available to students and the unemployed.

Our Faculty

Patent Office Exam Chair
Program Chair; Principal Lecturer and Course Author; Director, Soryn IP Group; Berenato & White, LLC
Waterford, VA
Featured Lecturer
President and Founder, IPWatchdog.com; Featured Lecturer
Leesburg, VA