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Subscriber's Corner

As a valued subscriber of PLI publications, please know that we are taking steps to support our community during these difficult times. In the Spring of 2020, after a significant number of states imposed stay-at-home directives and offices closed, PLI made the decision to temporarily suspend upkeep shipments of our publications in order to support public safety, and to not overwhelm mailrooms. As the country began to lift restrictions and many offices reopened, PLI has begun resuming shipments of print updates. For questions about your specific shipments, feel free to contact us.

In addition, all PLI Press publications are available on PLI PLUS ‒ the online research database of PLI Press ‒ and during these unprecedented times we are able to offer access to our content online. To inquire about PLI PLUS or if you have questions about our publications, please contact us at info@pli.edu or at 800.260.4PLI and our team will follow up with you promptly.

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