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COVID has fundamentally transformed employer/employee relationships worldwide.  Now, as we emerge from the pandemic?or as COVID becomes endemic?employers are reversing, undoing or altering their height-of-the-pandemic approach to telecommuting. Of course, multinationals have lots of questions about the global transition back to the physical work site:

  • Should employees returning to physical worksites be able to telecommute more than pre-pandemic?
  • How can an employer revamp or relax height-of-the-pandemic workplace safety precautions?vaccine screening, mask mandates, exposure notifications and the like?  
  • What communications should an employer make, to convince staff that the workplace is safe?
  • And: How does a multinational employer align its return-to-worksite initiatives across borders?


This fast-paced session offers a multinational employer global strategies for getting staff back to the workplace post-pandemic, or during a COVID endemic. The program has three parts:  

  1. Global post-pandemic return-to-work initiatives: The context and the challenge (25 minutes)
  2. The legal risks, worldwide, around post-pandemic return-to-work initiatives (20 minutes)
  3. Multinational global strategies for global post-pandemic return-to-work initiatives (15 minutes)


Who should attend:

  • In-house and law firm lawyers who advise multinational clients on employment law and HR compliance
  • HR professionals at multinational employers
  • Workplace safety professionals


Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  In-house counsel and law firm lawyers who advise multinational clients on employment law and HR compliance, HR professionals at multinational employers, workplace safety and other allied professionals

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None



Donald C. Dowling, Jr.

Littler Mendelson P.C.


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