3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Participate

Participants will learn how to interview and counsel domestic violence survivors in meetings with their clients. A companion course will teach participants how to develop and execute a strategy for handling domestic violence cases in court.


What You Will Learn

  • Identify the range of situations that constitute domestic violence
  • Understand the range of behaviors that a domestic violence survivor may exhibit and manage their own responses to these behaviors
  • Empower clients to set their own goals
  • Put a legal plan in place to support your clients’ goals
  • Respond and react when clients raise issues of threats, imminent harm, and child abuse
  • Handle situations when clients do not respond or do not show up for planned meetings or court dates
  • How to take care of yourself during and after working with domestic violence survivors so you can continue to provide services to these clients


Who Should Participate

Attorneys working for organizations providing legal services to domestic violence survivors and attorneys who serve or would like to provide pro bono assistance domestic violence survivors.



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