6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
Although the glass ceiling has cracks, there are still obstacles to its complete shatter. More women are needed in leadership positions in the legal profession. Despite equal numbers of women entering the legal profession, female attorneys still lag in equity partnerships and leadership positions.  The institutional hurdles against women in the legal profession are common and unique among female attorneys. Join our informative conversation and hear from our panel of women attorneys who have successfully broken through. This program will benefit women attorneys wanting to take their career up a notch and strive for leadership positions to gain a competitive edge in this fast-moving field.

Topics Include

  • Learn strategies for women lawyers to obtain and maximize lead or co-lead counsel positions
  • Explore strategies for overcoming unconscious bias towards women in the law
  • Obtain sponsorships and mentorships to help you improve your legal skills
  • Discover ways to plan your career track whether you are striving for law firm partnership or another leadership role
  • Take advantage of opportunities to increase your visibility in law firms and other legal organizations
  • Participate in a discussion about the unique challenges faced by women attorneys in the workplace and in the courtroom
  • Hear leadership techniques for women attorneys from various perspectives including plaintiff and defense attorneys and in-house counsel

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