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Multi-family housing -- condos and co-ops mainly, are prevalent in New York City and other large urban areas. They offer many benefits but also produce many conflicts including clashes between neighbors, conflicts between the Board and a tenant, or a group of tenants. Conflict is an inevitable part of life but it has unique and difficult repercussions in condos and co-ops if not resolved in a timely manner.

Please join JAMS mediator and arbitrator Nancy Kramer, as she discusses with Todd L. Drucker of the New York City JAMS office, the following:

  • Why, when and where to mediate
  • What kind of cases are good candidates for mediation
  • Examples of the range of cases that have been successfully mediated
  • How to find the right mediator
  • How to best shape and prepare for the mediation
  • What is the mediation procedure

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