1-Hour Program

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Few headlines capture the attention of lawyers more than when a member of the legal profession is charged with criminal wrongdoing.  Understandably, lawyers — along with law enforcement officers, judges, and court personnel — serve a crucial role as trusted members of the legal ecosystem.  But lawyers are also human beings, who sometimes commit crimes and are criminally charged.

Please join Joseph V. DeMarco of DeVore & DeMarco LLP and Edward Y. Kim of Krieger Kim and Lewin LLP, two experienced former federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, for a one-hour discussion of ways in which lawyers have fallen into the crosshairs of criminal prosecutors; what keeps them out of trouble; and what happens after they have been charged with a crime.  The One-Hour Briefing will cover:

  • Notable cases in which lawyers have been criminally charged
  • Ethical rules governing attorney conduct
  • Unique considerations for lawyers in avoiding and defending against criminal charges
  • How lawyers can guard against accusations of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, misprision of a felony


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