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Why You Should Attend

Since 2014, our Volcker Rule program has delivered practical analysis and comment on the most current developments from seasoned government, legal and compliance professionals with considerable experience with this evolving section of the Dodd-Frank Act. Each year since the Rule’s implementation brought new considerations for banks and financial institutions to address when developing and managing their compliance programs and preparing for and responding to examinations.

The regulators have sought comment on changes to the Rule with a focus on making some of the compliance obligations more practical and less burdensome. But until permanent change materializes, for industry participants, the Rule - as it stands - remains and their compliance duties continue on.

Attend this program and hear from an expert faculty, which will include voices from the regulatory perspective, leading outside counsel and financial industry professionals on how institutions are managing their Volcker Rule compliance obligations.

What You Will Learn

• How regulators are providing and coordinating advice on the Rule
• Consequences of non-compliance
• How examinations are proceeding and the issues identified
• Organization and operation of a permitted fund
• What proprietary trading the Volcker Rule permits
• Administering and improving Volcker compliance programs
• Preparing for compliance examinations
• Operational issues for foreign banks
• CEO attestation


Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Lawyers and compliance professionals in the domestic and international banking industry operating within the Volcker Rule’s purview.

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details

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