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Vicarious trauma, or secondary trauma, is a risk for any attorney, social worker, supervisor, paralegal, caregiver, or anyone else who works with survivors of trauma.  Ignoring this trauma can cause harm to practitioners, organizations, and the clients they serve. This briefing, part of PLI’s pro bono curriculum, is offered to help legal professionals who work with trauma survivors understand the importance of recognizing and addressing vicarious trauma. Hear from expert practitioners from both legal and clinical fields whose experience in providing services to survivors of gender-based violence, individuals living below the poverty line, survivors of complex trauma, and pro bono clients, will help you understand how to identify vicarious trauma and the steps you and your organizations can take to address it.

  • What is vicarious trauma (definition, risk factors, intersection with systemic oppression) (20 minutes)
  • Impact of vicarious trauma on you and your clients, colleagues, and organization (20 minutes)
  • Tips for addressing vicarious trauma (20 minutes)
  • What is vicarious resilience (15 minutes)
  • Organizational support: What organizations can do for staff and what staff can ask for (15 minutes)





Hamra Ahmad

Her Justice Inc.


Nicole Fidler

Sanctuary for Families


Dr. Shobana Powell, DSW, LCSW

Shobana Powell Consulting






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