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The recently issued patent examination guidelines published in the Federal Register became effective January 7, 2019. The guidelines are directed to patent subject matter eligibility under section 101 implementing new policy directives from Director Andre Iancu and treatment of functional claiming under section 112 for computer implemented inventions.  Stephen G. Kunin and Christopher J. Maier,  partners at Maier & Maier PLLC will explain the details of the new guidelines and provide practice tips on how to navigate them during patent prosecution.

Highlights include:

  • A review of the changes to the patent subject matter eligibility guidelines in providing a definition of abstract ideas, adding a practical application test at step 2A of the Alice two-part test and implementing a policy change on examination of claims that can be interpreted as either patent subject matter eligible or not 
  • A review of USPTO guidance on treatment of means plus function limitations, written description, enablement and definiteness requirements for claims directed to computer implemented inventions
  • Proffering practice tips for successfully navigating section 101 and 112 issues, including preparing robust patent specifications and claim drafting strategies


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