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Law schools, law firms, and bar associations work hard to recruit and retain women and minorities. However, these programs often fail to achieve their goals. Contributing factors range from students not seeking out necessary help to organizations inadvertently making candidates feel like they don’t belong. These efforts can be improved, ultimately leading to a more diverse workforce.  


In this presentation, Dwayne Allen Thomas, MAPP, JD, Senior Court Attorney to the Honorable Cenceria Edwards, NYC Civil Court, Kings County and Founder at Equal Results will explore how law school, law firms, and organizations can use findings from social and cognitive science to improve the results of their efforts.


Topics to be addressed include:


  • Historical and sociological factors contributing to the current lack of diversity in the legal industry
  • Psychological phenomena that can cause individuals to fail or succeed in the legal industry
  • Suggestions to improve organizational diversity efforts in the legal industry


*The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are solely Mr. Thomas’ and do not represent Judge Edwards or the New York State Unified Court System.



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