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New technologies such 5G wireless networks and Machine Learning are giving new reach and power to Digital Health, and when combined with Covid-driven changes in medicine, require upgrading IT agreements.  These upgrades are transferable to other industries because new technologies are being adopted for similar reasons across business sectors.  The lessons learned are lessons from the near future.  Among the lessons are changes that should be made to standard contract forms.

Please join William A. Tanenbaum, a partner at Moses & Singer LLP, and James Burke, a partner at ISG, a leading advisory firm, and a member of ISG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Vertical, whose presentation will cover how trends in healthcare technology and business practices are driving the need for new healthcare IT agreements, and what the new agreements should look like.

The topics they will cover are as follows:

  • Performing a “gap analysis” of existing agreements [10 minutes]
  • Agreements with Cloud-based vendors for services incorporating third-party technology [15 minutes]
  • How Edge Computing addresses the limitations of Cloud Computing [10 minutes]
  • IT infrastructure agreements [10 minutes]
  • Structuring agreements to move from the pilot phase to deploying IT at scale [15 minutes]



Credit Details

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