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Designed for attorneys who are looking for an in-depth introduction to financial products, this two-day program lays the ground work with financial product fundamentals, and then dives into each kind of financial product clients are most frequently engaging in. Experienced financial services attorneys will introduce the varying kinds of financial products, their individual structures and uses, and the impacts of recent regulatory and legislative developments.

This comprehensive program is especially helpful for those needing a primer on dealing with the more common financial investment products in the marketplace today. In addition to exploring individual financial products, there will be an in-depth assessment of what ESG priorities will look like in 2022. Analyze how the events of 2021, the evolution of social priorities, and governance transparency have impacted investment mandates. Round out your understanding of financial products with an overview of what legal ethics issues attorneys should anticipate in the current environment of working remotely and appearing virtually.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the newest financial products?
  • Introduction to distribution ledgers, cryptocurrencies, and tokens.
  • What are the basic economics of derivatives, and how are they documented?
  • Overview of Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Secondary Funds.
  • Discuss the evolution of ESG and what it will look like in 2022.
  • What has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market?
  • Discussion of legal ethics rules commonly in play when working on client matter within the financial services industry.
  • What are the legal ethics rules that come into play when working remotely and virtually?

Special Feature

  • Earn Ethics credit

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Attorneys at all levels who are involved in securities, corporate, banking and finance, and insurance law. 

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Prep: None 

Credit Details

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