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Your witnesses can make or break your case at trial and even in discovery.  Yet, the psychology of what leads jurors and judges to perceive a witness as credible remains elusive to many lawyers.  Register and learn about the psychological science of witness credibility and how to apply the relevant psychological principles when preparing and presenting your own witnesses or when cross-examining adverse witnesses.

Dennis P. Stolle, Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP and President of ThemeVision LLC, will discuss:

  • Accurately assessing truthfulness -- how good are people at doing it? (10 minutes)
  • When courts instruct jurors on how to assess credibility (10 minutes)
  • The science of “person perception” (10 minutes)
  • Warmth, competence, and character (10 minutes)
  • Barriers to being perceived as credible (10 minutes)
  • Tips for overcoming the barriers and increasing your witnesses’ credibility (10 minutes)

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