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This program qualifies for CPD-Ontario Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Professionalism Hours (EDI Hours).

The metaphor of “walking a tight rope in high heels” aptly describes how women often must navigate their legal workplace due to the unconscious gender bias they face —balancing that fine line between being too pushy and a pushover, too focused on work or too focused on family; too “masculine” or too “feminine.”  Men also are negatively impacted by expected gender stereotypes for men, often in a way that undermines their needs or desires to be a more involved caregiver, but which may benefit them, and unintentionally harm women, in the workplace.   This One-Hour Briefing will explore examples of unconscious gender bias, its impact on men and women, and the harm to the bottom line of many legal employers.

Join Michelle Browning Coughlin, J.D., M.S.W., partner at Wyatt Tarrant & Combs LLP’s Louisville office, Chair of the Wyatt Women’s Network, and Founder of MothersEsquire, as she discusses concrete ways men and women can work together to reduce impact of unconscious gender bias in the legal profession, including:
  • Kim and the PTA President:  Case studies in gender bias in the legal workplace
  • Men and women both suffer the consequences of unconscious gender bias in the legal profession – but in different ways and in different contexts
  • Surprise!  Men and women attorneys both engage in unconscious gender bias towards women (and men too)
  • Why echo chambers and “Fix-the-Women” approaches in the legal workplace are not the answer
  • Concrete ways the legal profession can reduce the harmful impact of unconscious gender bias – and why that matters to the bottom line

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