1-Hour Program

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This program is a companion to PLI’s Vicarious Trauma and Resilience: Creating Space to Care for Yourself and Your Clients.

Whether you are an attorney in the legal services, law firm, or corporate setting, if you are working with pro bono clients, it is critical to incorporate trauma-informed lawyering into your practice.  Many pro bono clients have experienced some form of trauma, and understanding how trauma impacts client-attorney interactions can help you build effective attorney-client relationships.  Working on pro bono matters may feel challenging at times, but being prepared and understanding best practices will help you help your client.  And pro bono work is extraordinarily meaningful and rewarding.  This One-Hour Briefing will address how trauma can manifest itself in client relations as well as best practices you can use to build trust and help your client. 

Topics include:

  • How traumatic memories work and how manifestations of trauma can affect client interactions (20 minutes)
  • Best practices for building trust (10 minutes)
  • Best practices for preparing for client interviews and meetings (10 minutes)
  • Best practices for discussing sensitive topics and developing strategies for the case when clients are not able to discuss critical facts (10 minutes)
  • Best practices for ongoing communications and maintaining a strong and trusting relationship (10 minutes)





Hamra Ahmad

Her Justice Inc.


Nicole Fidler

Sanctuary for Families




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