1-Hour Program

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It is inevitable:  If you are not already doing cross-border M&A transactions involving representation and warranty (RWI) and other transactional insurance products, you probably will be soon.  Over the last several years, more and more U.S. entities have bought foreign businesses and assets and vice versa — and more and more of these deals use RWI insurance to backstop the indemnification obligations of the seller.  But there are critical differences between these products in the U.S. and abroad that practitioners need to understand. 

In this One-Hour Briefing, Joseph Ehrlich, Owens Group Insurance Executive Vice President and Transactional Insurance Practice Leader, and Tan Pawar, Senior Vice President of M&A Insurance at Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd will discuss RWI and transactional insurance in cross border transactions. Topics covered will include:

  • The differences between RWI coverage in the U.S. and abroad
  • A guide to where insurers are writing — and not writing — RWI and transactional insurance
  • Common exclusions and areas of heightened underwriting scrutiny for domestic and foreign RWI
  • New developments and trends in RWI and transactional insurance coverage

Program Level:  Overview

Intended Audience:  In-house counsel, outside attorneys, accountants, CPAs, tax advisors, CFOs, comptrollers, corporate officers, insurance and other professionals who engage in cross-border M&A transactions

Prerequisites:  Familiarity with the mechanics of M&A transactions

Advanced Preparation:  None 

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