1-Hour Program

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Learn how to deepen your mediator selection process by focusing on key aspects of a mediator’s background, process and technique.  Selecting for more than just background is important because it gives you the opportunity to shape the process and prepare an appropriate negotiation strategy and ultimately can lead to more satisfaction with the mediation and a greater likelihood of a favorable outcome.  

Please join JAMS mediator Andrew S. Nadolna for a discussion including the following topics:

  • Vetting conversations with mediators and what you can and should ask before retaining a mediator
  • Understanding the flexibility of the mediation process and the kind of choices available to you in terms of pre-session calls and written submissions, as well as the use of joint and individual caucuses at mediation
  • Understanding some of the ways mediators deploy certain techniques to keep the negotiation flowing such as brackets/conditional offers and mediators proposals
  • Follow-up and post-session engagement and opportunities

Credit Details

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