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Associates in law firms have a unique role. They rarely have clients of their own, but may instead be focused on honing the skills that will carry them through their careers. They may be under pressure to meet billing and substantive expectations.  Associates can feel like they serve two masters - the partnership and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

However, some associates have the misplaced assumption that they are essentially immune from legal malpractice claims or bar complaints because they are subordinate to the partners running the cases. Notwithstanding a seemingly junior role, associates still have an individual obligation to comply with professional and ethical obligations. Navigating the professional duties and obligations that may arise during the nascent years of the practice of law can be challenging.

Please join Alanna G. Clair and Nathan L. Garroway of Dentons US LLP for a session that will focus on unique risks for law firm associates and how law firm associates can meet their ethical obligations, including the following topics:

  • How "doing what you're told" can create exposure
  • Obligations to report misconduct
  • Supervising non-lawyers and subordinates
  • Risks of social media
  • The temptation of moonlighting
  • Responding to insurance inquiries

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