6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Your clients’ needs are constantly changing, due to the rapid evolution of technology.  On any given day, one client informs you that its retail website serves customers in the U.S. and Europe and collects useful data on those customers.  Another client wants to monetize its customer data and offer it to third parties who may use it for targeted marketing.  All your clients need legal advice on regulations applicable to their data, contracts for the licensing of the data and how to protect the information from increasingly effective hackers.  Meanwhile, your clients’ businesses and the legal profession itself require you to understand technology and technical vocabulary, as well as the relevant law.  Are you ready to lead the legal discussions of the future and spot all the issues which may impact your client? The lawyer who understands his or her client’s technology and can speak that language will stand out as a trusted counselor who can analyze and provide sound advice on technology issues.  As your client’s business changes to implement new technologies, the legal issues it encounters only multiply. A lawyer now has an obligation to understand the legal issues arising from his or her client’s adoption of rapidly changing technology and to practice law using such technology.  However, without some knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the technology clients are using, a lawyer will not provide effective and useful advice.

This unique program will give lawyers the necessary background to become more knowledgeable advocates in technology-related matters.

What You Will Learn

  • Can Artificial Intelligence be used safely and ethically in the corporate context?
  • Is BitCoin a bubble but blockchain the foundation for a cashless society?
  • Augmented reality, E-Sports and the changing scope of digital entertainment.
  • How to contract for GDRP and ePrivacy compliance in multi-national transactions.
  • In-house counsel discuss marketing in the EU while complying with the moving target of EU regulations.
  • The ethical challenges of incorporating new technologies into your legal practice.

Special Feature(s)

  • Earn one hour of Ethics credit

Who Should Attend

This program is for in-house counsel, government lawyers, litigators, technology and privacy lawyers, and any lawyer who counsels clients developing, purchasing or using technology in their daily businesses.

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, and other allied professionals who counsels clients developing, purchasing or using technology in their daily businesses.

Prerequisites: An interest developing, purchasing or using technology in daily business or in assisting clients who do so.

Advanced Preparation: None

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