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The rapid evolution of technology has a direct impact on your clients’ businesses and the legal issues you must confront daily.  The technology-related issues arise in a variety of ways.  One client wants to use artificial intelligence to direct vehicles in its warehouse facilities. Another client informs you that its retail website serves customers in the U.S. and Europe and it is collecting useful data on those customers.  A third client wants to monetize its customer data and offer it to third parties who may use it for targeted marketing.  All your clients need legal advice on regulations applicable to privacy, data collection, licensing agreements and how to protect their IT systems from increasingly effective hackers.  

Your clients’ changing businesses and the legal profession demands that you to understand technology and technical vocabulary, as well as the relevant law.  Are you ready to lead the legal discussions on IT’s impact and spot all the issues which may affect your client? The lawyer who understands his or her client’s technology and can speak that language will stand out as a trusted counselor.  As your clients’ businesses adopt cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the legal issues they will encounter only multiply. A lawyer now has an obligation to understand the legal issues arising from his or her client’s adoption of rapidly changing technology and to implement technology solutions in court and other arenas.  However, without some knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the technology clients are using, a lawyer will not provide effective advice.

This unique program will give lawyers the necessary background to become more knowledgeable advocates in technology-related matters and understand the emerging trends in this field.

What You Will Learn

  • Cracks in the Foundation of Banking: Disruptive Technologies and Mobile Payment Systems
  • The Ethical and Responsible Implementation of Artificial Intelligence
  • Cutting-Edge Issues in Negotiating for Cloud Computing Services
  • Competition Law in the Age of Data
  • Privacy Laws Proliferate: In-House Counsel Discuss How They Survive Continuing Changes in the Law
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Legal Practice: How Systems Using AI May Create and Institutionalize Bias in the Law Firm  

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, and other allied professionals who counsel clients on developing, purchasing or using technology in their daily businesses.

Prerequisites: An interest in developing, purchasing or using technology in daily business or in assisting clients who do so.

Advanced Preparation: None

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