This program features an informative, inside look at key provisions of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the factors influencing its negotiations.  This informative discussion and review of major revisions to the North American Free Trade Agreement highlights the Mexican perspective, in particular, shedding light on some of the issues requiring special attention during negotiations.  

What You Will Learn

• Introduction and overview - congressional role and fast track, comparisons with NAFTA
• New chapters - digital trade, environment, labor
• Significant revisions – energy, dispute settlement, rules of origin (automotive - overview of new rules of origin, labor value content, core parts, steel and aluminum content requirement)
• Summary of negotiations from perspective of a Mexican negotiator 
• Negotiation history, length, locations, details on most difficult issues and difference between priorities with Canada, Mexico and U.S.
• Bilateral vs trilateral talks - rules of origin, automotive  
• Mexican views on changed requirements, calculating regional value content (RVC), calculating labor value content (LVC)
• Rules of origin for other products and origin procedures – textiles, chemicals and others
• Labor reform and changes made to Mexican labor laws - enforcement process and Mexican concerns


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