6-Hour Program

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Lawyers and others are experimenting as never before with new forms of law practice, new business arrangements between lawyers and others, and new vehicles for the delivery of legal services, many of which do not involve lawyers at all.  Attend this new program to learn from national ethics experts and leaders in the legal services business how to use new methods, technologies, and business models to deliver legal services in the current and emerging market place, all in compliance with today’s legal ethics rules (especially ABA Model Rule 5.4) and other law governing law practice. Whether your law firm is expanding its practice to 5 states (or 50), or you want to extend your firm’s reach by greater use of non-lawyers or technology, or you want to advertise nationally, or you want to partner with a tech firm to develop new marketing, ancillary businesses, practice development, or AI-powered client-facing systems, experts and legal-services industry leaders will offer expert guidance for moving ahead in a fast-changing market.

What You Will Learn  

  • What’s prohibited by today’s legal ethics rules and other law governing the delivery of legal services, what’s permitted, and where the answers are uncertain. Plus you will hear practical guidance, gained from experience, by industry-leading lawyers, firms, and non-law firm legal services providers and the lawyers who advise them on managing compliance and innovating new delivery systems. 

Special Features

3.5 hours of ethics credits 

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