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Lawyers employ private investigations firms for a variety of purposes: due diligence; background investigations of C-Suite executives and board members; research on and investigation of fact and expert witnesses; and examination of opposing parties in civil and criminal matters, among others.  Lawyers are also responsible for acts of the investigators they hire, and the use of private investigators implicates a growing range of legal and ethical issues. Yet very few lawyers have sufficient knowledge, training or experience to properly manage investigators.

Experts will discuss:

  • The proper selection and use of private investigators (15 minutes) 
  • The associated legal and ethical issues for engaging and using such investigators (25 minutes)
  • How best to navigate the legal and ethical issues when engaging and using such investigators (20 minutes)




Matthew A. Lafferman



Mark G. Califano

Brian K. O’Bleness

Michael J. Ramos


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