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Why You Should Attend

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced law firms and legal departments to vastly revamp their operations, creating uniquely challenging conditions for legal practice.  The difficulty in managing these challenges while maintaining productivity and adherence to professional responsibility duties raised concerns that implicate attorney mental health and wellness and in some cases impact the ability for attorneys to manage existing conditions.  

Our faculty shares insights gained from their collective experiences as attorneys, managers and legal coaches detailing how COVID-19's impact on the profession introduced new problems, sharpened existing ones and perhaps offered new ways to improve the practice.  

What You Will Learn

• What practices inform how best to go forward to preserve legal professional well-being and good professional conduct?
• As our practices have flowed onto virtual communication platforms, what issues have arisen in private practice and corporate law departments relating to maintaining robust communications with our clients?  How has lawyer well-being affected this requirement? 
• How have these practices addressed ensuring diligent and prompt communication with the client and meeting work obligations?
• How have managing attorneys in the private and corporate sectors adapt to, in a remote practice environment, supervision of their teams to ensure all attorneys are conforming to the Rules of Professional Conduct and appropriately serving their clients? 
• To the extent that attorneys and other legal professionals have had well-being issues, what have supervisors done to become aware of such issues and how have they addressed them?


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