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A year ago, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic spread to the U.S. in earnest, setting off a wave of government closure orders and causing trillions of dollars in losses to the economy.  The pandemic also triggered an explosion of insurance claims, denials from insurers, and ensuing coverage disputes, many of which continue to play out in courts across the country.  Because many policies contain a one-year suit limitation clause – now is the time for policyholders to act.  Waiting to see what happens with pending litigation is no longer a viable option.

This presentation will explore and analyze the various coverage issues presented through litigation, and present tangible action steps for policyholders.  Please join Mark E. Miller and Tae Andrews, policyholder attorneys from Miller Friel, PLLC, as they address:

  • Initial trends in early COVID-19 insurance-coverage disputes [10 minutes]
  • Litigation summary – year-in review [30 minutes]
  • Timing issues with claims – clauses to watch [10 minutes]
  • Best practices for policyholders [10 minutes]




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