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Why You Should Attend:

The digital evolution pushes on as technology continues to advance and disrupt while existing laws and regulations clamber to keep up. Companies face new legal and business hurdles on a daily basis.  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees are working remotely, creating new and unique challenges for employers already struggling to adapt. Data breaches are not a matter of if, but when, stealing precious hours of sleep from information and compliance managers and C-suite executives.  The connected home is becoming ubiquitous as the Internet of Things expands its reach. New technologies are also impacting the way lawyers manage their practices, resulting in increased and more complex ethical challenges. Marketing and advertising firms also confront complicated scenarios as they try to leverage technology and social media in their relationships with consumers. Join us as we peer into the future of the complex virtual landscape. 

What You Will Learn:

• Remote trials, depositions, and hearings – lessons from the trenches
• The likelihood of a federal privacy bill
• Ethical concerns regarding the remote practice of law
• New technologies vs. existing business models - new legal & diligence issues
• Social media platforms, advertisers, and consumers: a complicated relationship
• Addressing inadvertent discrimination in artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Data breaches: what you need to know after the hack
• Conducting legal business – and achieving results – from afar
• FinTech: what is it, exactly? – and why you should care now more than ever

Special Feature:

Earn one hour of Ethics credit

Who Should Attend:

All lawyers and allied professionals who need to stay current on the cutting edge of legal issues relating to technology.  Business professionals, computer professionals and information managers who need to keep up-to-date with the dramatic changes in this area will also find this program valuable.


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