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Why You Should Attend

This term’s Supreme Court plenary docket encompasses a wide range of vital constitutional issues.  At stake are, inter alia, fundamental constitutional rights, the scope of federal governmental power, the rights of criminal defendants, and the meaning of civil rights and environmental statutes.  A major concern in the legal community is the extent to which the Court will adhere to stare decisis.  The Justices are sharply divided ideologically.  Will Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. join his four conservative colleagues, or will he be a moderate swing vote “centrist?”

The 22nd Annual Supreme Court Review will provide an in-depth review and analysis of the October 2019 Term. The faculty consists of constitutional and civil rights experts with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and views.  It includes the opposing attorneys who argued an important civil rights case.


What You Will Learn

Key topics to be examined at this year’s program include:

  • Overview of the October 2019 Term, including identification of major decisions and themes of the term
  • Oral arguments during the pandemic
  • Justices’ voting patterns
  • Important decisions on the electoral college, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion
  • Federal executive power, including immigration (rescission of DACA), and subpoena of President’s financial records
  • Civil rights and civil litigation


Who Should Attend

The program is a must for anyone interested in the development of constitutional law and the United States Supreme Court.

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