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Why You Should Attend

At PLI’s 24th Annual Supreme Court Review program, a faculty of nationally recognized Supreme Court, constitutional law, and civil rights experts will analyze, discuss, and debate the major developments of the Supreme Court October 2021 Term.  

This term the United States Supreme Court confronts vital constitutional issues. The issues include the validity of a state ban on pre-viability abortions; whether the Second Amendment protects the right to carry a gun in public; whether the state's denial of tuition assistance for sectarian education violates the Establishment Clause; whether a high school football coach’s post-game prayer is protected by the First Amendment; and the constitutionality of the imposition of the death penalty in the Boston marathon bombing case. Other cases raise important questions of freedom of speech, EPA and OSHA rule-making authority, immigration, and civil rights litigation, among others. Will Chief Justice John Roberts be able to steer the Court to a middle ground, or will the Court turn to the right?

The faculty includes a law school dean, law school professors, a Supreme Court journalist, and Supreme Court and constitutional law litigators, scholars and authors. The faculty has a diverse variety of backgrounds and perspectives.


What You Will Learn

By attending this program, you will gain an understanding of the key Supreme Court decisions of the October 2021 Term and their impact, including decisions about:

  • The First Amendment: Speech and Religion
  • Abortion and the Second Amendment
  • Federal Governmental Power
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Interests
  • Public Benefits


Who Should Attend

The program is a must for anyone interested in the development of constitutional law and the work of the United States Supreme Court.

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