3-Hour Program

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After this remarkable program debuted in 2020, PLI received countless, enthusiastic requests for a follow-up.  Thus, we are excited to bring back the incredible team of John Trentacosta, Waqas Shahid, and Program Chair Vanessa Miller to present this unique class on legal practice in the manufacturing field amid widespread supply chain disruptions.

In 2021, manufacturing supply and distribution chains continue to be disrupted on a global scale affecting trade, retail operation, and product supplies even at local levels.  Yet, since the onset of COVID-19, ongoing tariff wars, and now massive changes in the U.S.’s federal administration, we can draw upon lessons learned in the past year to advise clients on what lies ahead for Supply Chain Agreements in a still unpredictable economy.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about developments in export controls
  • What the Biden’s Executive Order on supply chains means
  • Know current essential supply chain contract terms
  • Negotiating agreements from the buy- and sell-sides
  • Where force majeure claims have succeeded or failed
  • Managing the down time and supply shortages caused by Covid-19
  • Review trends in case law
  • International arbitration- pros and cons 

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of supply-distribution contracts

Intended Audience: In-house attorneys and outside counsel advising clients on manufacturing contracts including supply and distribution terms, litigation and international arbitration lawyers, market analysts and consultants

Advanced Preparation: None 


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