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COVID-19, the economy, and the rapidly changing legal landscape have caused many attorneys to consider (or revisit) the idea of hanging a shingle.  Our new normal requires keeping up with changing laws and markets, and rapidly adapting to new (and never before used) procedures.  Today, attorneys are relying on technology and social media more than ever to reach new prospects and interact with existing clients.  This panel will share insights and best practices on the challenges and opportunities of operating your law practice in the midst of a world in crisis. 
Discussion topics include:

•       Pursuing pro bono opportunities to build competencies and sharpen your skill set
•       Emerging issues surrounding online marketing, networking, and engaging via social media
•       Focusing on "modest means" as a way to reach an underserved and untapped population of clients
•       Maintaining momentum and keeping yourself healthy
•       Policies and procedures aimed at helping law businesses succeed in the pandemic


Cynthia Chandler 
Bay Area Legal Incubator

Maria E. Hall 
Los Angeles Incubator Consortium

Erin Joyce 
Erin Joyce Law

Anne-Marie Rábago 
Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator

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