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Why You Should Attend

Whether you’ve done one deposition or one hundred, you need to be prepared to handle the special situations that arise and know how to identify and exploit the opportunities that exist. This program covers a range of topics and scenarios that can challenge even the most seasoned litigators. Our faculty of experienced litigators and deposition experts will outline proven solutions to some of this craft’s thorniest challenges. 

Come learn why attendees rated this course “the best CLE presentation I have seen” and “one of the best seminars I have attended.”  Attendees praised the “seasoned, experienced attorneys” and raved that the seminar “contained practical and specific information that will be helpful in preparing depositions in the future.”


What You Will Learn  

  • Preparing (and not over-preparing) your witness
  • Practical advice about dealing with the difficult deposition witness – whether that witness is yours or your adversary’s
  • Constructive advice about dealing with difficult opposing counsel
  • Seeking (or resisting) the deposition of Chief Executive Officer – implications of Apex
  • Tactical use of Rule 30(b)(6) depositions


Who Should Attend

Litigators and in-house counsel of every level of experience will find this program valuable. 

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