1-Hour Program

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Like so many industries, agriculture has gone high tech.  By leveraging sensors, autonomous vehicles, robots, drones, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, smart agriculture gives farmers access to data that enables them to increase efficiency and production.  The global smart agriculture market is projected to reach $15.3 billion by the year 2025.  As agriculture becomes increasingly data-centric, with farms expected to be able to generate as much as 500,000 data points per day, the cybersecurity, data privacy, and evidentiary issues associated with the collection and use of this data need to be examined.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What smart agriculture, or AgTech, is and the technologies on which it relies (15 minutes)
  • The data smart agriculture generates and how it is used (10 minutes)
  • Whether this data falls within the scope of existing privacy and cybersecurity laws (10 minutes)
  • Cybersecurity risks associated with smart agriculture (10 minutes)
  • Discovery, admissibility, and use of smart agriculture data as evidence in litigation and regulatory proceedings (15 minutes)



  • Gail Gottehrer, Founder, Law Office of Gail Gottehrer LLC
  • Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel, Dentons US LLP
  • Effie D. Silva, Global Ethics and Compliance Director, Cargill, Inc. 


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