2-Hour Program

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Joining a nonprofit board can be one of the most personally and professionally rewarding experiences of an attorney’s career. Whether you’re an experienced attorney or just beginning to practice, serving on a nonprofit board can bring opportunities to deepen your skills, make valuable connections, and further a cause that is personally meaningful to you. PLI's "Serving on a Nonprofit Board" program will provide concrete advice on how you can bring maximum value to your role as a board member, as well as provide additional updates on board service in the current remote working environment and on how COVID has changed the ways nonprofit boards operate.


What You Will Learn

  • How to do your due diligence: the questions to ask and documents to request before you join a nonprofit board 
  • How you can bring maximum value to your role — how to best assist your fellow board members with business decisions, risk management, and legal decisions 
  • How COVID-19 has changed the way nonprofit boards operate 
  • What you must know about liability insurance and indemnification 
  • Key ethics issues and concerns for attorneys who serve on nonprofit boards 


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