1-Hour Program

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The challenges of the pandemic and the Biden Administration’s focus on infrastructure have renewed interest in smart cities.  In May 2021, the Smart Cities and Communities Act was introduced in Congress.  The legislation, which authorizes $1.1 billion over 5 years, seeks to enhance federal coordination of smart city programs and assist local governments that are interested in implementing smart city technologies.  The same month, the Jacobs Institute’s Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech issued a draft report, “Rebooting NYC: An Urban Tech Agenda for the Next Administration,” that discusses ways in which technology can help address the challenges that New York City faces in delivering services and promoting social equity, including by developing policies to anticipate emerging technologies before they arrive.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • The kinds of technologies used in smart cities and the data they collect (15 minutes)
  • Concerns about privacy and the potential for surveillance (10 minutes)
  • The roles that new modes of transportation, such as aerial tramways, air taxis, and electric vehicles, may play in smart cities and the legal issues associated with them (15 minutes)
  • Whether existing cybersecurity laws are sufficient to address the ransomware other data security risks as cities become even more connected (10 minutes)
  • Regulatory approaches to smart cities as set out in the Smart Cities and Communities Act and the Rebooting NYC report (10 minutes)



  • Gail Gottehrer
  • Ronald J. Hedges


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