6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

The law of Section 1983 continues to develop in the United States Supreme Court and lower federal courts on an ongoing basis.  Section 1983 litigators must have an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles of Section 1983 law and stay abreast of current developments.  The 37th Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation program is designed to provide a blending of legal analysis and practical applications, fundamental principles and new developments.  The program will provide in-depth analysis of excessive force claims, qualified immunity, pleadings, and compensatory damages.

The highly experienced and accomplished faculty includes a law school dean who is one of the nation’s foremost constitutional scholars, federal circuit court and district court judges, law school professors, highly experienced plaintiffs and defendants practitioners, and a police practices expert.   


What You Will Learn

  • Arrestee, detainee, and prisoner excessive force claims 
  • In-depth examination of qualified immunity 
  • Section 1983 pleadings
  • Compensatory damages: law and practice


Who Should Attend

The program is designed for attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants in Section 1983 litigation.

Credit Details

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