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In the last decade, Representations & Warranties Insurance (RWI) has matured from a nascent insurance product to a staple for M&A transactions.  Not surprising, as the product has been deployed more regularly in countless M&A transactions, claims have followed.  The growth, adoption and claims arising from RWI provides a unique peak into the world of M&A.  The volume of RWI submissions and policy placements provides insight into the rise and fall of M&A activity. Claims activity reveals the thorny issues that arise from M&A activities.  Moreover, analysis of these trends not only reflects the trends in M&A, it influences the behavior and choices made by M&A professionals each day.

During this One-Hour Briefing, Jay Rittberg of Euclid Transactional, Joseph G. Finnerty from DLA Piper LLP (US), Jackson Bender and Joseph Ehrlich, Co-National Practice Leaders for Private Equity and M&A at Beecher Carlson Insurance Services, LLC, will discuss the following topics:

What we can learn about Stock Purchase Agreements (SPAs) and M&A through RWI Claims

  • Discussion of SPA terms and conditions (5 minutes)
  • How RWI has influenced the reps and their negotiation (5 minutes)
  • Overview of claims activity, including sources and drivers of claims (10 minutes)
  • Where claims are coming from and what that tells us about M&A (10 minutes)
  • Claims handling processes and pitfalls (5 minutes)

What we can learn about M&A through RWI submissions and placement

  • Overall view of foreign and domestic M&A activity (5 minutes)
  • Overview of who is buying RWI? (5 minutes)
  • What size deals are getting done and what RWI limits are being purchased (5 minutes)
  • What types of buyers are active in purchasing RWI (5 minutes)
  • What is the next frontier of M&A and RWI:  SPACs, strategics, growth equity and venture capital? (5 minutes)


Program Level: Update

Intended Audience: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, accountants, insurance, finance and other allied professionals involved with Representation & Warranties Insurance in M&A transactions

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Credit Details

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