1-Hour Program

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This Briefing will explore how in-house counsel can successfully master the Request for Proposal process when hiring counsel, experts, consultants, and vendors for litigation or transactions.  Our panel will guide attendees through the entire RFP process – the necessary preparation; the drafting process; best practices in analyzing information received (and following up regarding same); evaluating potential fees/expenses, required workload, and alternative approaches to your matter; and best corporate/firm practices to maximize the benefits of what in today’s legal market is the most useful first step to address and prepare for an upcoming litigation or transaction.   

Faculty from Wyatt Partners, LLC will address topics including: 

  • The fundamental underpinnings of the RFP process – overview, types of RFPs, and matters for which an RFP might be appropriate;
  • How ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct apply to the RFP Process;
  • Preparation for the RFP process;
  • Structure and substance of RFPs;
  • Incorporating the various stages of litigation/transaction into your RFP;
  • Best corporate practices to maximize information received on budgeting and anticipated costs for your litigation/transaction;
  • The interview and selection, and completion/transition process; and
  • Best practices, success stories, and lessons learned during the RFP process. 

Through their widely diverse range of experience on these issues (from in-house, private practice, and fee expert perspectives), our speakers will provide insights on how to maximize information obtained, allow law firms to put their best foot forward, and lay the foundation for a collaborative, transparent relationship between client and counsel.

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