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Since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, over 60% of renter households have sustained significant income losses.  Nearly 10 million renter households are behind in rent, and millions more lack confidence in their ability to remain current.  Only a series of eviction restrictions and relief programs by federal, state, and local governments have staved off a wave of evictions, predicted at one point to threaten over half of U.S. residential tenants (over 40 million people).  This One-Hour Briefing updates advocates on the current status of federal eviction restrictions and relief programs, including the Emergency Rental Assistance Programs and the CDC eviction halt order, as well as important measures state and local governments are taking to prevent evictions and stabilize communities through the end of the pandemic. 

Topics to be addressed by Eric Dunn and Mariel Block of the National Housing Law Project include:

  • Overview of pandemic threat to renters and responses (10 minutes)
  • CDC eviction halt order and current status (15 minutes)
  • Key state and local eviction-reduction policies (10 minutes)
  • Overview of ERAP programs (what assistance is available, who qualifies and how to access) (15 minutes)
  • Payment plans and LL-T negotiations (10 minutes)



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