6-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend
PLI is proud to welcome back Program Chairs John T. Hagerty and Robin Panovka together with an exceptional faculty for our annual Real Estate M&A and REIT Transactions 2024 program.  

Throughout 2023, professionals specializing in REITs encountered dynamic market conditions which shaped and challenged the legal landscape of high-stakes real estate M&A, ranging from the impact of higher interest rates to the effects of increases in remote working, e-commerce, AI and other technologic developments. In addition, the debate over ESG and governance issues and changes in the SEC and IRS regulatory frameworks all contributed to a complex deal environment.  

Along with knowledge of both technical and practical matters, both flexibility and creativity are required to thrive in the field of M&A and REITs.  This year’s program will take an in-depth look at industry trends while reviewing current practice strategies to help you navigate the complex structures and legal framework for successful transaction and REIT governance.  

What You Will Learn
After completing this program, participants will be able to:
• Understand trends and developments in REIT and real estate M&A
• Assess ESG and governance considerations for REITs
• Understand strategic considerations for combinations of REITs and UPREIT Evaluate activism in the REIT space
• Analyze SEC and IRS requirements for REITs
• Prepare for REIT governance and strategic changes necessitated by the changing environment

Who Should Attend
REIT, real estate, corporate transactional, and tax lawyers including general counsel would benefit from this program.  

Program Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with REITs and/or a working knowledge of corporate real estate transactions would be helpful to attendees
Advanced Preparation: None


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