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The States’ Attorneys General Offices are assuming a central role protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public in connection with the COVID-19 crisis. They are addressing gaps in federal relief and responding to localized problems and needs. From enacting emergency regulations to safeguard individuals’ economic security, to stopping bad actors taking advantage of the crisis and its anticipated aftermath, to defending challenges to States’ emergency orders, the Attorneys General engage across the board using their regulatory and enforcement powers. This program will address specific orders and actions taken by the Attorneys General Offices of critical States as well as their focus going forward as the impacts of this crisis emerge and evolve.

Topics include:

  • Emergency debt collection regulations
  • Foreclosure and eviction moratoriums
  • Price gouging and other consumer scams
  • Defending challenges to States’ emergency measures
  • What happens next




Julia B. Strickland

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP



Nicklas A. Akers

State of California, Office of Attorney General


Jane M. Azia

Office of the New York State Attorney General


Thomas P. James

Office of the Attorney General of Illinois


Shennan A. Kavanagh

Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts


Shannon E. Smith

Washington Attorney General’s Office



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