6-Hour Program

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 Scholarships available

 Full scholarships, registration fee waivers, and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys, paralegals, law librarians, and staff working for nonprofit/legal services organizations; pro bono attorneys/volunteers (providing no-fee legal assistance to clients individually or through a nonprofit organization); government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; senior attorneys (age 65 and over); unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships. We encourage you to submit the simple three-question Fee Waiver Application.


Why You Should Attend

Attendees of prior unlawful detainer defense trainings including last year’s California Eviction Defense 2.0 learned the skills necessary to vigorously defend eviction lawsuits. This year’s training builds on those concepts, providing a more in-depth discussion of trial skills as well as fair housing issues and attorneys’ fees. We will also discuss the additional protections that apply to subsidized housing tenancies.

What You Will Learn

• Trial skills including evidentiary motions and jury issues
• Legal tools for preserving subsidized housing tenancies
• Fair Housing laws and how to use them to defend unlawful detainers
• How to win attorney fees in eviction cases

Who Should Attend

All attorneys or law students interested in or currently assisting low-income clients with eviction defense would benefit from this program. This training is designed for practitioners with some background in unlawful detainer and housing law, so newer attorneys and law students are encouraged to view California Eviction Defense: Protecting Low-Income Tenants 2017 and California Eviction Defense 2.0: Beyond the Basics of Protecting Low-Income Tenants 2018 which cover unlawful detainer defense basics.

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