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Why You Should Attend

Scientists widely agree that the climate is changing due to human influences, and that these changes are leading to global increases in temperature and sea level, with impacts including stronger storm surges and more coastal erosion. In California, the threat of rising sea levels has transformed coastal management planning. Decision-makers and planners are grappling today with the physical and socioeconomic impacts a changing coastline will have on communities and the environment. Download this segment to learn the latest legal developments on this important topic.

What You Will Learn  

This program will examine legal and policy implications of rising sea levels along California’s coast. The panelists will discuss the role of state agencies and local governments in helping Californians prepare for and adapt to changing coastal conditions, the interaction between private property rights and government duties to protect coastal resources (including takings and public trust doctrines), and the challenges of ensuring public access to the coast.

Who Should Attend

Any attorney or professional interested in environmental law or coastal resource management.


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Credit Details

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