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What do we need to succeed in the legal profession? Are legal knowledge and practice skills sufficient? In order to truly thrive in today’s competitive market, we also need a robust professional persona, as discussed in the speaker’s book, Becoming a Lawyer: Discovering and Defining Your Professional Persona.

This Briefing will introduce the concept of the legal professional persona and will explore the building blocks of such a persona:

• Building Competence: Tools we can use to move along the learning matrix, from the stage of unconscious incompetence to the stage of unconscious competence;
• Habits: The importance to our professional development of developing and nurturing strong and sustainable habits and tips for building positive habits (and eliminating bad ones);
• Intelligence: The multifaceted notion of intelligence and what forms of intelligence really advance our career; and
• Leadership: The importance of leadership as a mindset, unrelated to position, and the qualities of a leader that we need to embody, even at the very early stages of our career.


Toni M. Jaeger-Fine
Assistant Dean
Fordham University School of Law

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