1-Hour Program

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Earn one hour of Elimination of Bias Credit in California onlyThis program is not eligible for bias credit in other states.

While we are competent, prompt, and diligent in pursuing zealous representation of our clients, do we pause to recognize how our clients are presenting themselves in our work? Sometimes our clients’ needs, like language and interpretation, are obvious to us, so we dig into our client service tools and meet their needs. However, what do we do when we represent clients whose cultural needs are below the surface, who have a complex case as well as a complex life history that intertwines case theory, or a client who is reluctant to seek legal recourse but is required to do so by our systems? Questions like these have to be approached with specific tools that go beyond bias busting, that require us to step away from learning all things about all cultures, and to learn some practices that will help build client trust for effective and competent representation.

The training will broadly address four objectives:

a) How to see ourselves and our biases in our work
b) Learning the role of the “culture” of lawyering in our work with diverse clients
c) Using empathy in your work
d) Language access


Protima Pandey
Director, Office of Women’s Policy, Division of Equity & Social Justice
Office of the County Executive, Santa Clara


Credit Details

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