12-Hour Program

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 Scholarships available

Full scholarships and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys working in nonprofit/legal services organizations; pro bono attorneys; government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; senior attorneys (age 65 and over); law librarians and paralegals who work for nonprofit/legal services organizations; unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships.  We encourage all eligible attendees to complete and submit a PLI Scholarship Application

Why You Should Attend
Millions of Californians are unrepresented in Family Court matters (estimated 80% of litigants are unrepresented). Low-income clients are in desperate need of your pro bono help.  Attend this two-day PLI program for an introduction to family law practice and then volunteer with your local legal services agency to represent low-income family law litigants in need.

What You Will Learn
• Working with Pro Bono Low-Income Clients
• Family Law 101/Overview in Low-Income Family Law Cases
• Basic Overview of Child Custody and Visitation
• Child Custody and Visitation Procedure
• Obtaining Child and Spousal Support in Low-Income Family Law Cases
• Property Issues in Low-Income Family Law Cases
• Using California Family Law Judicial Council Forms
• How to Finish a Dissolution Case: Case Settlement, Trial, Judgments

Who Should Attend
Anyone interested in providing pro bono assistance to low-income family law clients in California (whether limited scope family law matters or full representation in a dissolution matter) would benefit from attending.  The program is appropriate for new attorneys and more experienced practitioners looking to volunteer with nonprofit legal services agencies who can provide ongoing mentorship and support.

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