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The pros and cons of contact tracing, however it might be done effectively, have been the subject of numerous debates. Those debates can inform on how new technologies can be used to, among other things, track employee location and conduct, monitor the attentiveness of drivers, and locate individuals within specific geographic locations. These uses raise numerous questions about the ability of private and public entities to use these technologies and raise the need to balance individual rights against data collection, storage, and use.

Join Ronald J. Hedges from Dentons US LLP, Wayne Matus from SafeGuard√Privacy, and Kenneth J. Withers from The Sedona Conference as they consider the following:

  • What lessons have been learned from contact tracing about privacy vs. safety/security?
  • How do technologies enable data collection and use?
  • Why might data collected for one purpose be used for another?
  • What statutory or constitutional restraints might apply to data collection or use?


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