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Our globalized economy is suffering due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  As a great number of businesses feel the impact of virus-related disruption—and the very real associated losses—disputes will develop and insurance claims will be made under a variety of policies from first party property to liability, from pollution to travel and accident and health.  Learn about the range of potential Coronavirus related insurance impacts and how insurance-focused dispute resolution neutrals can play a helpful role in working through the complex dynamics of a new global phenomenon. Through proactive intervention and mediation, issues can be worked through and resolved earlier than you might think.  Arbitration will allow for binding, confidential and expeditious rulings outside of court.  Features that make ADR attractive under normal circumstances—flexibility, confidentiality and collaborative problem solving—may become even more alluring when dealing with Coronavirus disputes.

Presenters will discuss:

  • Matters involving insurance, liability and coverage related to Coronavirus and its ramifications
  • Creative solutions using arbitration to tackle the evolving landscape of disputes
  • Creative solutions using mediation to tackle the evolving landscape of disputes




Peter H. Woodin



Kristin V. Gallagher

Lorelie S. Masters

Andrew S. Nadolna



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