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NOTE: No new orders allowed online after December 27th, 2023. Call 888-296-5973 or email patentexam@pli.edu for more information.

This program appears to be 10 days long, but is in fact 8 days spread over two weeks, all half-days (afternoons Eastern time), with a weekend off in between. Specifically, it's Wednesday through Friday, January 3-5 and Monday through Friday, January 8-12 with a weekend (Jan 6-7) in between. You must watch all of the weekday sessions live to get the full course. (Any live lectures you miss will be available to you in the online asynchronous homestudy course, which you also get access to as part of the course price.)

Please note: You MUST use a .edu email address as your primary email address in order to get the student discount automatically. By doing so, you certify that you are a currently enrolled student and that you are not buying the course for someone who is not currently a student. If you have any questions in this regard or would like to ask about a discount even though you are not a student (e.g., unemployed, government attorney), do not hesitate to call us at 888-296-5973.

Anyone with a technical degree (generally, any degree in science or engineering, or the equivalent) can take the Patent Office Exam to become a patent agent or patent attorney. Patent law is one of the United States’ top growth industries, with ever-changing and interesting opportunities.

The Patent Office Registration Exam is now computer-based and on-demand. But it is still the same grueling, leave-no-stone-unturned test of knowledge that it’s always been. And they’ve been more aggressive, testing new topics (and some old topics - e.g., Patent Cooperation Treaty) more rigorously.

PLI’s Patent Office Registration Exam Course is still the best way to prepare to ace the test. When your future is riding on the results, you need a course that delivers. That’s what PLI has been doing for YEARS longer than ANYONE else.

In clear, concise, right-to-the-point language, this information-packed course leads you through the intricacies - and around the traps - of the Patent Office Exam. You’ll get the hard facts, test-taking tips, sample questions and answers, and intense practice exams that mirror what you’re going to face when you sit down to take the real thing. Our PatWare® software almost exactly predicted the current format of the Exam by many years. PatWare® has now been expanded, updated and Web-connected to play an even more critical and informative role in your preparation.

Whether you choose to attend a live course or study at home, from the very first hour of the course you’ll benefit from our Exam-focused approach. There’s just one reason this is the essential PTO Exam resource: It is simply the most user-friendly, comprehensive, in-depth, authoritative, interactive and Exam-focused course available today.

Order your course now, even if you’re going to attend a live course later on. Advance preparation is key.


The Exam itself is only one day, and it’s a day that you can pick more or less at your convenience. It’s finding the right time to study for the Exam that should be your focus.

STEP 1. You’re going to need about 200 hours (we’d suggest one month of full-time study, or two months of part-time study) to prepare for the Exam. Pull out your calendar and see where you can find that month or two in the coming year.

STEP 2. Download the PTO Exam application and start to get your application in order.

STEP 3. Look to see whether one of our live courses falls within your projected study time. If not, or if you just prefer a homestudy course, plan to register for the homestudy course. Order your preferred course at least a week before your 200-hour study-time starts, and start to study as soon as it arrives (even if you’re coming to a live course later).

OR … If you feel that a live course is essential, plan your Exam date by figuring how long it will take you to fit in another 100 hours of preparation after the last day of your preferred course.

STEP 4. Send off your PTO Exam application about 2-4 weeks before you finish your preparation.

STEP 5. Start planning your celebration for passing the Exam!

Topics Covered In Exam Depth


  • The America Invents Act
  • Introduction to Exam, Course, Materials and Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)
  • Patentability (35 USC 101, 102, 103 & 112)
  • Priority: Domestic and Foreign (35 USC 119)
  • Asserting Priority (Rules 55 and 78)
  • Assignments and Ownership
  • Ethics (37 CFR Part 10)
  • Representation at the USPTO (MPEP 400)
  • Correspondence with the USPTO (MPEP 500)
  • Patent Applications (MPEP 600)
  • Claim Drafting Concepts and Methodology
  • Responses and Amendments (MPEP 700)
  • Interviewing the Examiner
  • Abandonment and Revival
  • Double Patenting and Restriction (MPEP 800)
  • Appeals (MPEP 1200)
  • Corrections of Patents (MPEP 1400)
  • Design Patents (MPEP 1500)
  • Plant Patents
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty and International Filings
  • Citation of Prior Art and Reexamination (MPEP 2200)
  • Interference Practice
  • Maintenance Fees (MPEP 2500)
  • Citation of Prior Art

Make the comparison. The choice is clear.

Ask any other bar review course whether they can match PLI:

  • PLI teaches to the test. We focus exclusively on the subjects and strategies you need to ace the Exam. Other courses sidetrack you with general coverage of patent law.
  • Our first-of-its-kind software, PatWare®, predicted and tracks the new computer-based format of the Exam. It has always been included in your course price. It’s loaded with all the past Exam questions that are still relevant, updated to reflect the current law, AND with new questions our experienced faculty have written to test the new rules. Plus, an electronic MPEP that works like the one on the Exam.
  • PLI offers more live courses every year than anyone else.
  • We offer the entire course via homestudy online.
  • Learn from the top experts in the country. John White - our academic director, course designer and chief lecturer - has been teaching to the Exam for over 20 years. The Patent Office itself hired John White to teach its Patent Law and Evidence Course to its Examiners.
  • Students get a tuition discount on any full course from PLI.
  • PLI’s pre-course video tutorial covers the basics of U.S. patent law and procedure for anyone who needs it.
  • Get answers from faculty members to your specific Exam questions, right up to the test.

Our registrants can take advantage of a 50% discount on PLI’s benchmark publication, How to Write a Patent Application, plus a $350 discount certificate to use on a future PLI course.

Most other courses don’t come from companies with the history and wealth of patent resources that PLI offers.


Every element of our Exam-focused course - the schedule, the materials, the lectures, the software - concentrates exclusively on what you need to know to pass the Exam. You don’t need a distracting survey of patent law. What you need is a combination of targeted resources that zero in quickly and confidently on the issues, problems, questions and strategies that will enable you to ace this major test. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with PLI’s Office Registration Exam Course.

  • We walk you through every chapter of the MPEP, showing you what in each chapter is tested and how it’s tested, with the occasional pause for practice exams on the topics you’ve just learned, to make sure you really understand how the rules are tested in the questions.
  • Special emphasis is placed on topics that are tested heavily on the Exam today (e.g., Patent Cooperation Treaty).
  • Your questions are answered by PLI’s expert faculty. Our instructors are among the top Patent Exam experts in the nation.
  • A wealth of tips fail-proof you against Exam pitfalls.
  • Interactive practice tests increase your knowledge and confidence.
  • The Web component tells you from the beginning whether you’re on track to pass the Exam.


  • Convenient live courses across the U.S. throughout the year.


  • The lectures are online 24/7 [Note: Due to the intensive nature of this course, it is only available via streaming media (not downloadable or on disk). 
  • Replicates the live course completely. You get all the advantages of the live course, without leaving your home or office.
  • “Where you want, when you want” convenience. Learn at your own pace. All the lectures are at your fingertips, around the clock. Pause whenever you want, fast-forward through topics you’ve mastered, rewind to review. You call the shots.

Please note: Homestudy courses are not suitable for group viewing. All live course registrants get access to the online homestudy course at no extra charge.

Due to the intensive nature of this course, it is only available via streaming media (not downloadable or on disk).

Write Mark Dighton, Administrative Director of the course, at mdighton@pli.edu for group options.


Every registrant for PLI’s Patent Office Registration Exam Course, live or homestudy, also gets:

PatWare® Interactive Exam Preparation

  • PLI’s exclusive (and first-of-its-kind) interactive testing software tracks the current Exam.
  • It puts over two thousand practice questions (many from actual past Exams) and answers, plus the electronic MPEP (just like on the real Exam), at your fingertips.
  • New questions are included to test the new rules tested since the last-released official Exam.
  • Practice in all areas tested on the Exam (or you can focus on specific areas).
  • Get instant feedback on answers.
  • Diagnose your performance, chapter by chapter, exam by exam.
  • Automatically compare your performance via the Web to others taking our course, so that you know whether you’re on track to pass from the earliest stages.

Exam-Focus Study Guide

  • Cross-referenced to the MPEP, it gives you Exam tips and study suggestions for every section of the MPEP tested on the Exam.
  • Weighted coverage of material according to its importance on the Exam.

Simulated Exams and Practice Exam Materials

  • Strengthen your grasp of material and your test-taking abilities with regular test exercises.
  • Simulated PTO Exams build confidence and bring down test anxiety.

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

We give you an electronic MPEP that tracks the electronic MPEP you will use on the actual Exam.

Email Hotlines

Get answers from faculty members to your specific Exam questions, right up to the test.

Pre-Course Tutorial

This exclusive, optional tutorial covers patent fundamentals and ensures all participants are on the same page when the course begins.

Key Word Glossary

Quickly master the jargon of patent preparation and prosecution using this handy tool.


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